Vista Playa Madera

Nestled in the forests of southwest Nicaragua

Vista Playa Madera is an ecologically oriented community nestled in the forests above the beach. Playa Maderas. We are located on the southwest coast of Nicaragua, just minutes north of San Juan del Sur. After travel all of Latin America I chose Playa Madera for my home. It is blessed with a remarkable climate, stunning natural beauty, and a vibrant community of both Nicaraguans and expats. You have the best of both worlds here; a peaceful, tranquil natural setting within the sound and sight of the waves and beach, yet just minutes from the city of San Juan. The southwest coast of Nicaragua is an incredible blend of dramatic rocky headlands and sandy beaches. There are beaches for every sort of afficionado, wild, raucous surfing beaches, tranquil, sheltered  bays for children and swimmers, and world class fishing from the beach or rocky headlands. Playa Maderas is famous for surfing. A strong southwest swell, and 300+ days a year of offshore winds make it a surfers mecca.

The winds and sea create a unique tropical micro-climate. Offshore winds blow the hot, tropical waters out to sea, cool, deep waters raise to the surface. These cool waters make Playa Madera unique for a location only 700 miles north of the equator. The temperature range is from 22-33 degrees. Because of the cool water night time temperatures drop rapidly to 23-24 degrees. The days begin cool and slowly rise until 3. This micro-climate is only found within a short distance of the sea, and outside the concrete environment of the city. In contrast with most of the tropics one can live comfortably without air conditioning with a well designed home.

This micro-climate makes for very healthy living. A long dry period with low humidity makes for a very comfortable outdoor living environment. The long dry season also reduces most tropical diseases here. The area is free of malaria. Surprisingly, very few mosquitos are found here. They need open, standing fresh water, so perched on the hills above the lowlands, and the fresh breeze keeps us virtually mosquito free. Then, an abundance of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, an active outdoors lifestyle makes for a very healthy life. All the properties have been planted with many fruit trees. There are bananas, pineapple, papayas, pomergranites, lychee, oranges, mandarines, limes, grapefruits and many, many more trees planted throughout the community.

We took great care to design each property to retain the natural beauty of the place. It is truly nestled into the forest, yet each property have tremendous views of the sea. Panoramic vistas from Costa Rica, El Cristo, over looking San Juan, and west into the Pacific. One can see the waves on the beach, and hear the rhythm of the sea. Each property was designed to provide unobstructed views. You can build with the confidence that no one will build in front of you. The properties are large enough to provide space for privacy and ample areas for gardens and a pool if desired.

We are located at the end of a 700 meter private road, surrounded by undisturbed forest. The peace and tranquility is amazing. Usually one can not hear a single human generated sound, just the cals of the monkeys and birds. It is a beautiful, special place